Chris Sharpe Bio

In August of 2007, Core Goalkeeper Academy Director and Head Coach, Chris Sharpe came to Colorado to play for the Colorado Rapids MLS team. After signing a 4 year contract, Chris found an interest in watching the young goalkeepers play in there youth games at the Colorado Rapids home ground, Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

As Chris began to watch and observe week after week, he began to see a need for someone to teach these young goalkeepers correct techniques and just generally build an overall confidence in this very specific position of goal keeping.

Chris, finally decided he wanted to do something about this situation and went to his very close friend Craig Deacon, Owner and Director of Core Soccer Academy, and said he wanted to begin a goalkeeper Academy under the Core umbrella. Chris began Core Goalkeeper Academy in Fort Collins, Colorado, starting out with 5 goalkeepers a week and training them on an individual basis.

As numbers began to grow, Core Goalkeeper Academy began to run seasonal camps, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. The Academy began to spread to Greeley, Loveland, Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Core Goalkeeper Academy has grown to the be the most outstanding and proven goalkeeper curriculum in Colorado, offering the Goalkeepers of Colorado of any age, ability, gender and club to progress, develop and enjoy the position.

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