Goalkeeper Q&A

What equipment/supplies should goalkeepers have in their bags?

  • Goalkeepers must always carry 2 pairs of gloves
  • 2 pairs of boots; (1 soft ground, 1 firm ground)
  • Shin guards and a spare goalkeeper jersey
  • Towel, water bottle and hat
  • Chewing gum!

Do goalkeeper boots differ than field player boots?

No goalkeeper boots do not differ from field player boots!

There are specially designed goalkeeper boots however in my opinion they do not make any difference to the way a goalkeeper moves and stands.

Goalkeepers must always have 2 pairs of boots:

Soft Ground OR Studs: for when the field is wet and or damp. (I personally believe goalkeepers should always be wearing studs on grass soccer fields. The dynamic movements in which a goalkeeper makes and must take off to, requires a lot of grip under their feet).

Hard Ground or Moulded Studs: for very hard, grassless surfaces such as dirt goal mouths and turf fields.

How do you choose Goalkeeper gloves?

It is important for goalkeepers to wear goalkeeper gloves. Goalkeeper gloves not only give you a better grip on the ball, but they offer protection and cushioning. All goalies need a good pair of goalkeeper gloves.

When you choose a more expensive product, you hope that you are buying a product that will last longer, but that isn’t necessarily the case with goalkeeper gloves. The most expensive goalie gloves are engineered for feel not durability. The most expensive goalkeeper gloves won’t last as long because the best material for goalkeeper purposes is not as durable as the cheaper materials. Each manufacturer uses various formulas of latex and each apply their own patented technology to their goalkeeper gloves.  Adidas, Nike, Reusch, Uhlsport, Sells and Puma are my picks for Goalkeeper Gloves here in the USA.

There are different goalie gloves for all weather conditions, levels of skill, and pockets. Most goalkeepers will have two pairs of goalkeeper gloves, one for practice and one for games.  The best soccer goalkeepers have an inexpensive durable pair of gloves that they use during practice and one pair of the most expensive goalkeepers gloves that are ONLY used for games.  It is obvious that you want to be playing with your best goalkeeper gloves during the match.

Most goalkeeper gloves are comprised of a smooth latex, which provides the best grip.

Dimpled and textured latex gloves are also available. They offer more durability but their grip is not as great as pure latex gloves. Some manufacturers also utilize different treatments to increase the tackiness of the glove.  Typically the better the latex, the better the gloves will perform.  The fingers and wrist bands have also been significantly improved to give better protection for the fingers and wrists.

Soccer goalkeeper gloves should fit snuggly, but not to tight.  Your hand should not slide around inside the glove.  It is important that the glove is slightly oversized so that the keepers hands have extra surface area.

They should be designed with sufficient padding and the flexibility to manipulate the ball.

Make sure you buy the goalkeeper gloves that are right for you.

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