Elite Training

Specialized Elite training Program U10-U12

This is the beginning of the Elite program where we identify you as a potential member due to your playing abilities and potential. This is where we select players of similar playing level, competitive mentalities and the hunger for next level training. This is a two year program that encompasses higher level of technical training and small group tactics. The foundation of any “Next Level” player.

Advanced Elite Program U13-U14

This level is more designated for players that have that thirst to be pushed to the maximum by breaking down every aspect of their technical capacities, deeper presentation of tactics for the small sided game 4v4, 6v6 and 8v8.  This program is a prerequisite for the Elite Identification Program. Players will be tested in many different environments associated with the game. This two year program will help players set goals to be come a more accomplished and recognized player in their state and region.

Elite Identification (I.D.) Program U15-U18

This program will cater for players that are wanting to train and prepare for high school, Elite level teams and college recruitment. This will be a year round commitment that requires consistent small group lessons. The I.D program is the highest training program Core Soccer offers.  During this program players will be tested on the field for their understanding of technical and tactical concepts, players will determine universities of interest, prepare player resumes, contact schools, provide a detailed plan for physical performance training and individual goals physically, mentally and emotionally.

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