Match Analysis

Our Match Analysis Program

This program uses a two phase approach to improve player performance. Phase one is Match Analysis, where a Core coach video tapes a player during game and/or practice situations. Then the tape is reviewed and a development plan is created to address specific needs identified with the video. The Core coach then becomes a mentor to the player, working on specific tactics and strategies. The Core coach may attend future games/practices and offer private or group lessons based on the players continued needs. Pricing varies for these services based on time, location, and training needed. Contact a Core coach for a detailed quote.

Private Lessons

This is an opportunity for players to hire a Core Academy Coach for an hour at a time to work exclusively with the player on elements that the player requests. Pricing varies by the time, number of players, and the level of experience Core coach.

Contact a Core coach for a detailed quote.  For private goalkeeper lessons, visit our registration page.

Core Mentor and Match Analysis Goalkeeper Program

Young goalkeepers on their match/game days can look to their Core Goalkeeper Coach for inspiration, advice, confidence, general playing and game situation knowledge, with confidence in knowing that they are there watching and analyzing their game.

Coaches can see what areas need to be worked on in training for each specific goalkeeper, and what areas each specific goalkeeper is comfortable in. With this we will form age specific data for all individuals, camps, small groups and private sessions, providing focused development needs for every age group.

For more information, visit our registration page.

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