Pre-Tryout Training

The Core Soccer Academy offers Pre-Tryout Programs to prepare kids to compete in competitive, academy, and high school tryouts. We will simulate tryout conditions and review the types of skills and activities common with tryouts. Players gain confidence in their abilities prior to competing in the tryout environment. Players can also practice and refine key skills. These programs include 1 to 3 sessions depending on the age group and the intensity of the type of tryout.

Pre-Tryout Programs occur in June for competitive and academy teams, in August for High School Boys teams, and in February for High School Girls teams.

Phase One: Beginning first two levels of Core skill curriculum which include: fast feet mastery, first touch when receiving the ball and individual skill to beat opponents, repetition training to build players confidence and repetition of drills that explore a variety of technical demands.

Phase Two: Advanced training level four through six of Core skill curriculum, first class ball composure, first touch brilliance, small group tactics, learning correct techniques of defending, delaying, pressuring, tackling, defending in groups of two to four, passing combinations and passing systems, attacking movement in front of goal, shooting, small sided games that concentrates on tactics and formations, strategic teaching of 3v3 – 4v4 – 5v5 – 6v6 – 8v8 – 9v9 –11v11.

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