Speed & Agility

This camp provides an exciting and fun training opportunity for soccer players who want to become better at the game of soccer. Core Soccer is Colorado’s premier training academy and has helped players of all abilities improve and love the game of soccer. Core’s professional soccer coaches have a structured curriculum that maximizes what players learn in a personalized environment. The drills will take players to the next level and the tactical instruction encourages players to use the right skill at the right time in the game. Players return season after season to Core Soccer Academy Camps because of the success they experience on the field when they return to their teams.

Week 1: Focuses on receiving the ball, basic passing, first touch to open space, scissor/double scissor/inside drag over scissor as well as sharp ladder foot work drills.

Week 2: Focusing on receiving the ball, quick passing and moving drills, receiving ball to open space for quick shooting using correct techniques, inside/outside fake, inside/inside fake, inside drag over fake.

Week 3: Correct techniques of defending, 1v1 receiving offence to defence, small area under pressure control, fast dribbling and turns, touch shooting, intense fitness circuit training, core body workouts, ply metric training.

Week 4: Defending high pressure attack, 2v2/3v3 small game, give and go’s, cover pressure defending, circuit training, ladder agility, vertical lateral explosion training.

Week 5: Checking to and from the ball, sharp turning in front of goal, holding off players, finishing aerial balls, circuit training, core body workout, plyometric training.

Week 6: Finishing in front of goal. Using different parts of your foot to score. What to do when you are close or far from goal to give yourself the best chance of scoring.

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