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Fort Collins, CO Summer Camp 2024


Core Soccer is excited to announce our full summer training camp for soccer players. This program has witnessed a lot of success for not only player development but also the flexibility of the week on week off format throughout the months of June and July.  Our Ultimate goal is to prepare players to showcase their best talents for the upcoming fall soccer season. Core’s holistic approach to skill acquisition training has served 1000s of players over 21 years. Do not miss out on this awesome curriculum and progressive training patterns. Come join the summer fun!

Prorated cost: $35.00/session

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – Week ON/Week OFF Style

Prorated sessions available at $30/session. Please contact Craig Deacon to arrange for prorated sessions.

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Week 1: June 4, 5, 6
Week 2: June 18, 19, 20
Week 3: July 9, 10, 11
Week 4: July 23, 24, 25

Times for ALL sessions (based on birth year)
Group 1 (2014-2018): 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Group 2 (2006-2013): 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Homestead Park (map)