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Goalkeeper Programs

Core Goalkeeper Academy has grown to be the most outstanding and proven goalkeeper curriculum in the Country. (MLS, Youth National Teams, MLS Next Pro, MLS Next, Collegiate).

Offering the Goalkeepers of Colorado and the surrounding regions: of any age, ability, gender and club to progress, develop and enjoy the position.

Its Supplemental Training – meaning supporting in a capacity  – anyone can attend from any club, age and or ability!!

We do not have any affiliation with any one club in the US Youth Soccer system, (our staff come from all different youth clubs), as all we want to do is help improve the individual as a goalkeeper and grow their own self confidence and belief on and away from the soccer field. 


Topics Covered / Drills with in Sessions Ever Changing and Evolving inside these topics:

  • Goalkeeper Specific Speed & Power / Agility & Fitness
  • Footwork & Handling
  • Shot Stopping – Front On & Angles
  • Reactions & Reflexes
  • Crosses & High Balls – Different Angles and Depths
  • 1 v 1s / Breakaways & Blocks
  • Starting & Set Positions
  • Playing Out from the Back, Numbers Up and Numbers Down
  • Short & Long Distribution – Hands and Feet
  • Classroom Sessions On Starting Positions & Setting Up Set Pieces
  • Field Sessions on Setting Up Set Pieces
  • Tempo and control from Goalkeeper Both in Games and Training
  • Nutrition / Hydration needed during the week and game day
  • Problem solving in transition – IN and OUT of possession